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Short and cash help and advice for Pouline - grups

Short and cash help and advice for Pauline groups.
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Lord Jesus, and our unconditional faith justice; apostle Paul Ap.Gr.20, 24.Rom.2, 16 6.14. 10.4 to 13. I. Cor. 1, 14 -. Gal. 1, 1 l-12th 2.7 to 9.
God sent Paul to the nabatæiske kingdom (Arabian People) which had as its capital, Petra, we understand he got 3 years of training of Jesus for atonement and Jesus' second lesson of the Christian church’s many secrets.
In 40 years Paul was sent to Tarsus in Cilicia, which was his hometown.
Of Ga1.3, 29, we understand that Paul went around the primary interpretation which applies the Messiah and the faithful Jews, is not the same service as the apostles, 1.Kor.3, 10
1. The main secret of Paul's preaching was to the Jews and Gentiles was put on an equal line of salvation and tasks Ef.2, 11 -.
2. Secret Rom.3 0.21 to 22 and 6.14. We are not under taskmaster, 1.Kor.1, 30 Ga1.3 ,23-25. Ef.2 ,8-10. In the Messianic Judaism got the Holy Spirit by water baptism, Ap.Gr.2, 38th In our time we get the Holy Duck by faith preaching Ga1.3 ,2-5. V.14. Ap.Gn 15.19 to 29. Moreover, they collect money gift to the poor Jews in Israel 1.Kor.16 ,1-3. The Jewish leaders agreed that the Gentiles should stick to Paulus'forkyndelse, 1.Kor.6, 12 9.20 -. There has occurred mixing of the Pauline teaching, sanctification with the messianic teachings justification.
3. The third secret is that we are saved by grace through faith without deeds, 1.Kor.3 ,10-15. Ef.2, 8 -. We've got a new mission command in the Pauline Christianity. We must not build our missionary work in Matt.28 ,18-19. But we must build it on our new mandate called reconciliation service 2.Kor.5, 14 -.
4. The 4, secret is that we are both selected in Christ Jesus and put in heaven with Jesus is already here and now. The selection we have is from before the foundation of the world were laid. We were saved before we were saved, it is not something to cheer about and thank for E £ 1.4 to 6 and 2.6 -. Jews selection to "the kingdom to Israel" is from the world's foundation was laid Matt.25, 34 Close. 10.20-21. Åb.17, 8
5. The fifth secret is the Christian church rapture before the tribulation period of 7 years (which is the first fruits harvesting) 1.Kor.15 ,51-52. I. Tess. 1. 14-18. The Christian community is called the rapture of Jesus Christ's Day. The resurrection at the last day is called the Lord's Day.
About Paul:
Ap.Gr. 9.15. 22. 26.16. Rome. 1.20 to 21. 8.18 -. 16.25 -. I. Cor. 13.12. 2.Kor.4, 16 Kolos.3.